The OSCE Secretary General said about the «toxic» climate in the EU and the lack of tolerance

© AFP 2018 / Emmanuel DunandШтаб of the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium. Archive photoThe OSCE Secretary General said about the «toxic» climate in the EU and the lack of tolerance© 2018 AFP / Emmanuel Dunand

The Secretary General of the OSCE Thomas Greminger said that in modern Europe there are still anti-Semitism, racism and xenophobia, emphasizing the threat of «toxic» climate on the continent.

Monday in Rome hosted an international conference of OSCE on the responsibility of countries, organizations and individuals in the fight against anti-Semitism. The conference is timed to the 80th anniversary of the adoption of laws on race in Italy in 1938, on the eve of the adoption by Italy of the presidency of the International Alliance of Holocaust (MAP). The event was also attended by President of the European Jewish Congress Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor.

«Anti-Semitism and racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance not only threatens the freedom of the people, but also highlight the toxic climate in Europe, which can lead to terrorism and crimes. It destroys the very fabric of a democratic society and threatens the security of our region», — quotes the words of Greminger the press service of the European Jewish Congress.

According to him, «the Holocaust became the catalyst in order to accept the new world order after the Second world war, to the international community responsible attitude to issues of discrimination and combating anti-Semitism». This genocide «seriously affected the international mechanisms for enhanced security, including in the areas of OSCE activities,» said Greminger.

«Conferences such as this one, increase the vigilance of our organizations to combat phenomena that can cause suffering and deprive the liberty of our citizens. Such conferences raise the issue of how to deal more effectively with anti-Semitism and to ensure that OSCE commitments for further concrete actions», — concluded the Secretary General of the OSCE.