The US warned other countries about the risk of sanctions because of cooperation with Russia

© RIA Novosti / Igor Megaliterature in fotobanka. Archive photoThe US warned other countries about the risk of sanctions because of cooperation with Russia© RIA Novosti / Igor Megaliterature the image Bank

USA from January 29 to begin to impose sanctions against Russia in the framework of the law «On countering enemy of America» (CAATSA). This was stated in the state Department.

The new sanctions, as explained in the Department, may affect the company in other countries that do business with the defence sector and Russian intelligence. «Generally speaking, if sanctions are imposed, they will affect companies outside of Russia, which are responsible for significant transactions with Russian defense and intelligence sector,» the statement said.

The state Department said that the United States has warned governments and companies of the countries engaged in trade operations with Russia on the possibility of introducing sanctions against them. «Foreign governments and private sector companies were informed, both publicly and privately, including as appropriate, senior representatives of the state Department and other officials of the US government, that significant transactions included in the (sanctions) list of Russian constituent entities will lead to sanctions,» — said the representative office.

He added that the US government applies sanctions against Moscow to «exert pressure on Russia to resolve our concerns related to its aggression in Ukraine, interference in the internal Affairs of other countries and violations of human rights».

In the opinion of the representative of the state Department, the new law on sanctions will be a deterrent for companies and individuals wishing to make deals with companies from Russia. «Given the long time associated with the largest military deals, the results of these efforts are just stuffed to be tangible», — said the diplomat.

In turn, state Department spokesman Heather Nauert said that the Ministry on Monday informed the Congress on the results of the actions of anti-Russian sanctions. However, he made the statement that a number of countries refused to buy weapons from Moscow for a few billion dollars.

Earlier, the Congress adopted the law «On countering opponents of the United States through sanctions,» which requires the administration to report on various aspects of sanctions policy. In particular, till January 29, the White house was to submit to Congress «Kremlin report» close to the Russian authorities and businessmen, against which theory can be sanctioned. Publicly this document were not made public.

In addition, the US has previously published a list of Russian defense companies and institutions, which in theory could fall under the sectoral sanctions in accordance with law.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said earlier that the publication «Kremlin report» «means nothing». However, he noted that Moscow believes this document is a direct and obvious attempt to influence the election campaign in Russia. Moscow has also stressed that Russia is not a party to the civil conflict in Ukraine.

The US warned other countries about the risk of sanctions because of cooperation with Russia© Infografiken sanctions against Russia and retaliatory measures