«Throws on windowsills condoms». Is it possible to find justice for neighbors

© Depositphotos / creatistaШумные neighbors«Throws on windowsills condoms». Is it possible to find justice for neighbors© Depositphotos / creatista

The roar of the drill, the endless screams of children and parents turned up to full power sound system — this is a partial list of what can to impress the neighbors. The tenants suffer, complain to the local police, and sometimes we go to the showdown with the troublemakers. The situation is compounded by the fact that at the legislative level in Russia has not developed clear mechanisms of influence on the troubled neighbors. Is it possible to achieve the right to silence was dealt with RIA Novosti.

When the neighbor is a tranny

Irina Oblique from St. Petersburg for six years tormented by a neighbor who rents an apartment on the floor above. Passport 22-year-old young man is Alex, but in the world his name is Alina. A tall blonde with curvaceous, Alina active mainly at night when others are sleeping.

«Every day from 23:00 wakes up «it». Mode: first dance on the heels of the laminate, songs, then come visit. They make such an Orgy that it is difficult to imagine. And I have all the details forced to listen to it», — says Irina.

The fine is small — usually from 500 to 2 000 rubles. First you need to contact the police in order to have fixed the violation. «If at the time of their arrival, the noise will stop, you can refer to the video and audio recordings, witnesses say, other neighbors. Or you can call professionals, but then you have to pay for the service», — said the lawyer.

However, in practice it doesn’t work. The rank of Kadyrov shares his trouble in one of the thematic communities. These stories, written like a blueprint, in a group of hundreds. In two years of war with neighbors who like to drink and make noise. Chin did all the legwork — from the police to court. Unsuccessfully. Neighbors housing is removed, and she took an apartment in the mortgage. But already thinking about selling.

«On top of constantly screaming, scandals. Residents drink, do not give sleep and rest — complaining about Rank. The police have appealed for several years, and in other instances. Reach court. But I lost: the judge did not want to watch the videos — and this is direct proof of my words. The most interesting that office transferred each other hands and send each other my applications».

The girl clarifies: the problem is that the other tenants are not in contact with the apartment brawlers, respectively, to confirm her words, neither the court nor the police can’t. Or don’t want. A neighbor, says Chin, especially knocking on furniture, and repeatedly threatened her with physical violence and eviction.

«I even went to the landlord, but they said that they do not care who lives there, just to pay the bills on time», — shrugged the girl. Now she plans to move out of my apartment.

When you call the police professionals online services decide to send a patrol or transmit information to the district. In the administration of the Savelovsky district of Moscow explained that the police or the district Commissioner must prepare a Protocol on administrative offence and to transmit it to the Council.

«The police need to call in the moment when the noise. Then the protocols are reviewed by the Commission on administrative violations, then the violator receives a warning, and repeated violations, he will issue a fine», — said the district administration.

Public figures have repeatedly raised the problem of insufficient elaboration of the legal framework. According to them, the need for a unified Federal law governing this issue. In some regions, even no local laws about the silence. So, the residents do not have legal protection from neighbours-brawlers.

«Information, in particular on contact, you will not find in any region in the afternoon with fire, some encrypted information. In each subject they’re controlled by different bodies. And try and find mention of them in local acts,» says the public man Sergey Sergeev, who is also struggling with annoying neighbors.


In an attempt to protect itself, tenants often try to annoy noisy neighbors. The easiest way to ruin their life, response the noise. On request «How to deal with noisy neighbors» is a groups, where they share their lifehacks. For example, a popular proposal is to expose the ceiling of the pot with water, put on her headphones and through them to turn on some creepy music. Tenants themselves will not hear anything, and the neighbors, according to advisers, will be very noisy. Some buy a special column that creates a powerful vibration, and also set close to the ceiling or wall.

«We are not accustomed to thinking about those who live behind the wall. There is a misconception: if you live in the apartment, have the right to do anything without thinking, although, for example, tobacco smoke can through a ventilation shaft to get to the neighbor, and he’s allergic. We watch TV at maximum volume, because we can’t hear, and don’t think behind the wall of sleep baby,» says Kuznetsov.

Culture of the neighbourhood in Russia was formed relatively recently: for example, in the Russian calendar in 2006, was the neighbors. According to Kuznetsova, in the 12 years of relationships between owners has changed markedly for the better, disagreements are resolved quickly.

«It is important that neighbors who are noisy, don’t forget: they don’t live alone. For example, for any inconvenience it is possible to apologize in advance. Now nobody will be surprised by the fact that residents create neighborhood common chat on social media and warned: «we will Have a birthday (or wedding) in advance sorry for the noise.» Some pasting ads on the floors or around the apartment. You should understand that your chamber holiday really will affect not only you,» — says Kuznetsov.

In addition, he believes, the residents suffering from noisy neighbourhood, too, must strive to find common ground before a fight.

«Say: we are not talking about alcoholics and other immoral characters. But in other cases it is necessary to try to stand in man’s place and understand his motives. Grandma includes loud TV? But if she’s deaf? Sometimes, the neighbors chipped in and bought the elderly woman a headset or even better — a hearing aid. In the end, it’s nice, and others quietly. Or, for example, a small child cries — the parent, and would like silence, but can’t help it. Here, too, should be treated with understanding and patience — soon the child grows up, and crying will end,» explains Kuznetsov.