In Mineral Waters set the mark in the memory of the Holocaust

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Filippoupolitis in photosangelina near the symbolic stone, which will be a monument to the Heroes of the resistance in Nazi camps and ghettos, on the international day of remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust at the Jewish Museum and tolerance centre in MoscowIn Mineral Waters set the mark in the memory of the Holocaust© RIA Novosti / Alexei Filippoupolitis the image Bank

In Mineral Waters, which is one of the largest graves of victims in the Holocaust Jews, this year is a memorial sign, said Executive Director of the Russian Jewish Congress (RJC) Anna Boksica.

In her words, another big project — memorial plaques in the zmievsky beam in Rostov-on-don — is delayed due to the fact that the collection of names continues.

«We are now preparing a monument in Mineral Waters. There is one of the biggest mass graves of the Jews. We hope that in early summer will see a large monument on which are plotted the names of the martyrs in this place people», — said Boksica at a briefing in honor of the opening of the exhibition «Shoah-the Holocaust. How can a person do such a thing?»in the Museum of the Victory in Moscow.

Regarding the installation of memorial plaques in the zmievsky beam in Rostov-on-don, this project is far from complete, since the collection of names of the dead there is still ongoing, said Boksica. In particular, while it is ready only the lists of dead Jews, she said.

«I think this year we do not install, have some questions. We are in the negotiation process. There are nuances, because everyone has the desire to get more names was established. There is a collection of names,» said Boksica.

«We work with the administration… in question of the restoration of the names of all the victims. Because in the zmievsky beam killed not only Jews. There was killed about 27 thousand people, including Jews — about 18 thousand. Also they were prisoners of war, patients of hospitals, civilians who came under Nazi hammer», — said the representative of the RIVERS.