Italian married a nurse who donated a kidney to him

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A resident of Pisa Italian married to a nurse, a few years ago donated his own kidney, according to the Tuscan newspaper La Nazione.

Giacomo Schinasi and Cinzia’s Stracquadanio met five years ago in a dialysis unit of Pisa hospital, where Skenazi, Secretary of the local Jewish community, was undergoing treatment of acute kidney failure. The medical procedure took place three times a week, which was enough to between nurse and patient having feelings. When transplantation became imminent, it became clear that the kidney women is 99% compatible with the body of her patient. The kidney transplant took place in July 2014, the newspaper notes.

The affair escalated into a wedding, which the couple celebrated over the weekend, the report said.

«I remember when I first saw it. I immediately understood his concern, worry and doubt. We turned to each other for you. I got some fluids in him, I remember thinking «I Hope he’ll be fine», — quotes the words of the bride to the newspaper.

Last year on the eve of March 8, which is widely celebrated in the Apennines, 52-year-old Italian decided to give his 44-year-old girlfriend is not a traditional bouquet of Mimosa, and his own kidney. One of the patients of the Turin hospital, suffering from serious genetic disease, polycystic kidney disease, needed an urgent transplant. The doctors began the search for a donor, but it soon became clear that to give his kidney to favorite ready for her friend. Doctors conducted the necessary tests and gave approval for the transplant. The operation was successful.


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