«Mother kept in chains». The mysterious death of a woman has shocked the suburban town

© photo from personal archive girls Irina Moskvitina«Mother kept in chains». The mysterious death of a woman has shocked the suburban town© photo from personal archive girls

A few days ago in the hospital of Moscow city Roshal did the 37-year-old Irina Moskvitina with serious injuries on her body doctors found traces of the circuit. The doctors fought for the life of the victim to the last, but to save her failed. About what happened, there are several versions.

According to some media, Moskvitina beat his mother and chained to the battery circuits. Friends of the deceased believe that the mother in such savagery incapable. Investigators started checking and found out that Irina for a long time used drugs. What really happened in Roshal — in the material RIA Novosti.

Only daughter

Irina Moskvitina studied in Roshal at school No. 4. A quiet and modest girl, without harmful habits. «Yes, and her mother’s tyranny never was,» says classmate Irina Mikhail.

After school, the girl went to Moscow, where she met her future husband. Classmate Alex told RIA Novosti that her husband Moskvitina, Gregory, lived in Biryulyovo. Later, the young family bought the apartment in Nekrasovka. To him came to visit and mom Irene.

Meanwhile, media reported that over Irina mocked his own mother, who lived with her. According to some reports, the police raided the house Moskvitina and found instruments of torture, and numerous traces of blood, scattered sticks and chains. Retired, leaving the house, allegedly planted a daughter on a chain.

In this case we are not talking about premeditated murder or abuse. A law enforcement source told RIA Novosti that the mother has been chained daughter to the battery, but only because she was a drug addict. In this way she struggled with drug relapse daughter.

Investigators confirmed that Moskvitina was a drug addict. However, there is no reason to believe that the woman’s death was caused by overdose or a beating that caused internal injuries. Also unknown at this time how and where did the bruises.

However, friends Irina does not believe in addiction. «Either she all ways masked his affection for drugs — but this is impossible, because it worked. Or media deceive. In addition, recent pictures of her, posted, dated August of last year. She looks at them absolutely normal» — is perplexed one of her friends Moskvitina. Another friend adds: it is possible that it was murder.

On the one hand, the friends give Irina a lot of positive characteristics. On the other militiamen say that in the blood of the deceased was drugs. Finally, the mother allegedly kept her daughter on the circuit during withdrawal pains, but for some reason is not addressed to specialists. A lot of questions, but no answers yet. To understand this complicated story and to find the perpetrators now have the result.