South of Baghdad found an ancient Babylonian building

© RIA Novosti / A. Spinpalace in fotobounce on Baghdad. Archive photoSouth of Baghdad found an ancient Babylonian building© RIA Novosti / A. Spinpalace the image Bank

Iraqi archaeologists have discovered ancient buildings of Babylon in the province of Babil, South of Baghdad, said a local archaeologist Thaya as-Safar.

«The building is amazing from the point of view of planning, and maybe she was one of the main churches in the historic town Daliat», — reads the statement of al-Safar.

He noted that the studies were attracted students and faculty of the University of Babil province. Excavations were conducted jointly by the faculty of arts of the University and the national Department of antiquities and heritage of Iraq.

The heyday of the Babylonian Kingdom fell to the XVIII century BC. The ruins of his capital city of Babylon, located near the modern Iraqi city of Hilla, which is the administrative center of the province of Babil.