«Antibanderovskie» the law exposes Poland to ridicule, said the FJC

© Fotolia / Vesta48Вид castle and the Wisla river in the Old town of Warsaw, Poland. Archive photo«Antibanderovskie» the law exposes Poland to ridicule, said the FJC© Fotolia / Vesta48

The law on the Institute of national remembrance, adopted by the Polish Senate, and in particular criminalizing the denial of the participation of Ukrainian nationalists in the crimes against the poles, exposes Poland to ridicule, said RIA Novosti head of public relations Department of the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia Borukh Gorin.

The Senate (upper house of Parliament) of Poland last night adopted a law on criminal liability for propaganda of the ideology of Ukrainian nationalists, the denial of the Volyn massacre and allegations of complicity of poles with the Nazis during the Second world war. The law will take effect after it is signed by the President Andrzej Duda. The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called the law unacceptable and urged Warsaw to dialogue.

«This is the next stage of the «war of memory», on this shaky road almost all the States of Eastern Europe arose after the fall of the Warsaw Pact, not realizing that at some point they will have to fight each other. It was quite predictable and only says that the government there everywhere people came not very far-sighted. Specifically, this law is not only «anti-Ukrainian», it is quite obvious there is an element of revisionism of the Holocaust, because clearly refers to the jurisdiction of the claims about the participation of poles in the Holocaust. Absolutely Orwellian statement, because a huge number of poles in it was engaged», — said Gorin.

Commenting on the reaction of the Ukrainian authorities, he noted that it is «fun to watch», as the laws which are adopted in Ukraine in connection with the history of the war are, in his opinion, a complete copy of the Polish.

«Scream that a neighbor is something burning with the same fire you — pretty stupid,» — said the representative of the FJC. He urged public figures to remember that history cannot serve any ideology and to become an instrument of interstate relations.

«In such cases usually refer to the experience of Germany, where the same is prohibited and revision of the Holocaust, and justification of Hitler. But you have to understand that it was just part of a long journey for de-Nazification, and here we see the law, which condemns both the left and right, and those who are in the middle. First, exposing to ridicule the very Poland» — said the Agency interlocutor.

«Trying to punish the Ukrainian initiatives for the rehabilitation of Bandera, Poland entered into a clinch with their other partners – today and the US condemned this bill, and Israel was a complete scandal at an incredible level», — concluded the head of the Department.