Igor irtenev said that thinking about the claims Kuznetsova his lyrics

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The poet Igor irtenev said that is not written as a children’s poem, which expressed the claims Commissioner on child rights under the President of the Russian Federation Anna Kuznetsova.

Earlier Kuznetsova at the conference in Russian state children’s library presented «a selection of modern children’s literature,» which, in her words, «even adults show scary.» The list includes, in particular, a poem by Igor Irtenyev «Tale eyes,» which fell into the toilet.

The Ombudsman expressed the hope that her list of «won’t look black PR». In the presentation Kuznetsova entered 16 pieces.

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«Apparently, we have completely solved all the problems in the field of protection of childhood, and came to refer to my modest person,» said irtenev RIA Novosti.

The poet said that the verse was written 30 years ago in the first person. «He was a part of my collections, I did not write it as children, but it became my children’s book, which also came out 15 years ago. Why the eyes of this lady turned to the book that, in my opinion, and in sale did not arrive, I don’t know,» added irtenev.

Igor irtenev is the author of 20 collections of poetry, writes in the genre of ironic poetry. The laureate of prize «Golden Ostap» (1992), literary awards, magazines «Ogonek», «October», prize of the Russian Union of journalists «Golden pen» (2001).

Irtenev was one of the founders and President established in 1986 the Moscow club «Poetry», which included the most prominent representatives of the literary underground of the time. From 1994 to 2003 he was the chief editor of the journal of ironic Mikhail Zhvanetsky «Magazine».