In Vladimir, the bus drivers and trolley fighting for a place at the stop

© mos.hydrogenii sign Place bus stop and (or) a trolley bus. Archive photoIn Vladimir, the bus drivers and trolley fighting for a place at the stop©

Drivers of trolley-bus and bus fought for a place at the stop in Vladimir, for this offense, they will respond to the leadership, told RIA Novosti the city hall.

The video footage shows how the driver of the bus and the trolley bus driver fight on the road in Vladimir, caused a resonance on social networks. The trolley, as seen on the record, standing at the bus stop «Garden area», and the bus did not fit into the area the spot covers the lanes. On the recording heard the honking as left by the transport drivers of a traffic jam. Allegedly, the fight occurred because the drivers of buses and trolleybuses, which run on matching routes, not divided passengers and place on the road.

«Such incidents are unacceptable in principle. The driver of a trolley bus №7 will face a serious conversation with management, with the rest of the drivers will be conducted additional training», — said the representative of the city administration.

In the mayor’s office acknowledged that the video is based on real events. About the incident known to the leadership of the municipal transport company «Vladimirpassazhirtrans» serving the trolleybus route No. 7.

A review of a private transport company, serving bus route, RIA Novosti has not yet.