MP demanded that the Kiev authorities «to get off the needle» IMF

CC BY-SA 3.0 / Olga Vaganova / Victor Bondarjev the parliamentary group of the Party of the Revival of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Viktor BondarMP demanded that the Kiev authorities «to get off the needle» IMFCC BY-SA 3.0 / Olga Vaganova / Viktor Bondar

Verkhovna Rada Deputy, head of the party «Revival» Viktor Bondar said that Ukraine should «get off the financial needle» of the IMF. His statement quotes the press service of the political movement.

The parliamentarian responded to the words of the head of the IMF Jost of Longman that Ukrainians still too early to raise salaries. Cooper believes that the Fund’s recommendations boil down to the fact that the inhabitants of the country must economize on everything and to pay to the organization interest on loans.

«The IMF quietly watching the growing de-industrialization of Ukraine, a powerful intervention foreign products into our markets, meager sales quotas for Ukrainian goods in Europe, the lack of Western investment and other processes, which determine the economy of the country. But the IMF is extremely concerned about the intention to raise the salaries of the Ukrainians, claiming that it will negatively affect the Ukrainian economy», — said Cooper.

According to the MP, such a policy provokes labor emigration, which takes the «catastrophic dimensions». «This is another example of what Ukraine needs in the end to get off the financial needle of the IMF, to get rid of his dictatorship, to stop blindly follow the advice of the creditors,» — said the MP.

Cooper stressed that the priority for Kiev should be the investment, production and jobs that, in his words, «not included in the plans of the IMF.»