Spain chose the best national film in 2017

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The Goya award — the highest award of the Academy of arts and cinematography of Spain for 2017 in the category of best film was «the Bookstore,» directed by Isabel Coixet.

This film (co-production Spain, UK and Germany, the original language is English) filmed on the novel by English writer Penelope Fitzgerald. The action takes place in 1950-ies. Florence Greene arrived in a small town on the English coast to fulfill his dream — to open a bookstore. In the starring British actress Emily Mortimer.

Isabel Coixet was also awarded the prize for best Director. She has several times received a bust of Goya — including as best Director for the film «the secret life of words» in 2006, the film was then named best film of the year.

The largest number of awards ten – received a «Giant» (Handia), Basque historical drama directed by Aitor Arregi and Hone the garanhao (original language – Basque) based on real events. Miquel Joaquim Sasaki Arteaga, known as «the giant of al’so», lived in the middle of the last century, its growth was of 2.27 m, he weighed 212 kg and the size of his feet was 36 see «the tallest man in the world» toured half of Europe, he was received by the Queen of Spain, Isabella the Second, Queen of Portugal, Maria II, the king of France, Louis-Philippe, Queen Victoria of great Britain.

The best actor was Javier Gutierrez, who played a major role in the film «the Author» (directed by Manuel martín Cuenca), best actress – Natalie Poza for the film «do Not know how to say «goodbye» (directed by Lino Escalera).

This year special attention was paid to the issue of women in the film industry. Attribute the ceremony, held in Madrid Marriott, red steel fans with the hashtag «More women» that famous Actresses and actors, Directors posed on the red carpet. About the issues of the wages of women in the film industry and the need to provide them equal opportunities with men many people have said, who was up on stage. Of the 31 films that received subsidies from the Ministry of culture last year, only three Directors were women. Of the 135 applicants for the Goya awards this year only 30 women. Meanwhile, five movies that applied for the award for best film – «the Giant», «Veronica», «Bookstore», «1993 Summer» and «the Author» — two shot the women, Karl Simon («Summer 1993» based on her personal story, the Director lost parents who died of AIDS) and Isabel Coixet («Bookstore»). Karl Simon received the award in the category «Best directorial debut».

Honorary award (Goya award for merit) was awarded to the famous Spanish actress Marisa Paredes, who has starred in over seventy films, including in Spain, France and Italy. The General public it is most known for the films of Pedro Almodovar’s «dark habits» (1983), «High heels» (1991), «the Flower of my secret» (1995), «All about my mother» (1999), «Talk to her» (2002), «the Skin I live in» (2011).

The best European movie of 2017 was the Swedish film «the Square» (The Square, directed by Ruben Östlund), which was awarded the «Golden palm» at the Cannes film festival. Best Ibero-American film was the Chilean picture «Fantastic woman,» directed by Sebastian Lelio.

The Goya award is awarded annually in 28 categories of the Spanish Academy of cinematographic arts since 1987. The prize — a bronze bust of the artist Francisco Goya.