Pakistan has accused India 190 ceasefire violations in Kashmir since the beginning of the year

© AP Photo / Anjum NaveedИсламабад, Pakistan. Archive photoPakistan has accused India 190 ceasefire violations in Kashmir since the beginning of the year© AP Photo / Anjum Naveed

With the beginning of 2018, 190 cases of violation of ceasefire by Indian troops was recorded on the demarcation line in Jammu and Kashmir, said on Monday the Ambassador of Pakistan in Russia Kazi halilulla.

«The Indian military since 1989 has killed more than 94 thousand innocent Kashmiris and injured tens of thousands of people. There are constant incidents on the line of demarcation (line of control). Since the beginning of 2018 has recorded 190 cases of violation of ceasefire regime by the armed forces of India,» said the Ambassador, speaking at the evening on the occasion of Day of solidarity with Kashmir.

He noted that Pakistan will continue to increase its support to the Kashmiri people.

The Ambassador stressed that the problem of Jammu and Kashmir should be resolved peacefully under the resolutions of the UN security Council and taking into account the views of the people of Kashmir.

The territory of the former princely state of Kashmir since 1947 and to this day remains a stumbling block in relations between India and Pakistan. In this region there are no state boundaries — it replaces the line of control, which has no legal force.

The situation in Kashmir has been relatively stabilized after the signing in 2003 of the agreement on cessation of hostilities. However, in recent years the number of armed incidents in the region has improved: the Indian and Pakistani military regularly shelled the positions of each other, after which each side blames the other for the breakdown of the truce.