Record snowfall did not prevent Petersburgers to come to his beloved Holy

© Photo : courtesy of the press service of the organizers, mistakemistake Russian saints. Xenia Of PetersburgRecord snowfall did not prevent Petersburgers to come to his beloved Holy© Photo : courtesy of the press service of the organizers

In day of memory of the revered Saint of the Northern capital is blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg, who after the death of her husband took upon himself the exploit of voluntary madness, thousands of city residents as the strongest since the beginning of winter snowfall has come to her grave in the Smolensk cemetery

«Blessed Xenia beloved in our city, it is the believers start to go on the eve of the feast, in the evening. Last night we had the same snowfall, as in Moscow, the snow was continuous, but also continuously to the chapel were people who lit candles, brought flowers – today it’s just buried in them, and the flowers are in every window», — told RIA Novosti the head of communications of the St. Petersburg Metropolia Natalia Rodomanova.

Husband of Xenia, court singer, died when she was only 26 years old. Being quite wealthy widow, she to the amazement of Rodney donated his house one of the friends, put the remaining of her clothes and has since responded only to his name. But it was not a mental disorder. Her talk on prayer and good deeds, generous almsgiving and charity for the needy for the sake of all who died suddenly without repentance spouse and the salvation of his soul enlightened and prosperous relatives and friends were perceived as folly, as a temporary insanity of grief. And then she, believing that this would atone for the sins of a loved one, decided in the «Golden age of enlightenment» to take on himself the exploit of fool — a voluntary madness.

«My husband left after 26 years, traveled for 45 years. Was called in widowhood husband’s name: Andrei Feodorovich. All her life was on earth 71 years. In 1794-1796 year participated in the construction of the Smolensk Church, secretly at night, carrying on their shoulders the bricks for the construction of the Church. «Who knew me, but to remember my soul for the salvation of his soul. Amen,» reads the inscription on the wall of the chapel, built at the burial place of a Saint. Today, this small temple is one of the main shrines of St. Petersburg.
Who comes to empty the well?

«Ksenia said that died, and it embodied Andrey Fedorovich. It was prompted by love for her husband. She cared about the salvation of his soul that decided to break with the world and live for the sake of it. First and foremost, we need to take from her life a Holy example of love for God and neighbor. If in the heart there is no love, it’s cold and dead. Love begins gradually, first we stop near to rebuke, to condemn, to slander, to be angry at them. Then let us patiently to treat them well to talk about them, to exalt might above measures. This feat calls us blessed,» he said after the Liturgy, Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and Ladoga Varsonofy.

As noted Rodomanova, snow in the city continues to go so far, he covered the whole cemetery, but the flow of people coming to venerate the Saint, does not dry out. «We see a very great love, people lined up in long queues to enter the chapel to sing the akathist to blessed bow. It is clear that we should not counter, but that came several thousand people, there is no doubt», — said the head of communications. And according to Archpriest Viktor Moskovsky, the rector of the cemetery Church of the Smolensk icon of the Mother of God, next to which is chasovnya of Xenia, «to an empty well of the people will not go — blessed Xenia of people get the living water of faith that gives them what they are looking for and wait».

Record snowfall did not prevent Petersburgers to come to his beloved Holy© Photo courtesy of the communications sector in St. Petersburg metropolitanthe blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg
The temple, which is easy to come by

A holiday in Lakhtinskaya street, where stood the house of St. Xenia, a loud bell rang. Been here 8 years erected a temple in her honor. Now construction work is almost finished, just have to finish the trim. The temple is painted under the supervision and with the participation of artists of St. Petersburg Academy of fine arts and the painters of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. The initiator of the building was made by the society of disabled people of the Petrograd district.

«The temple is unique not only for its decoration, but that is completely equipped for people with disabilities. Here everything is thought out to ensure that people with special needs, with the restrictions on the movement could calm and happy feel in the temple in honor of the Saint who always responded to every need of the sick», — said Rodomanova.