Former first lady of Latvia complained about the plight of

© AFP 2018 / ILMARS ZNOTINSДаце Seisuma (fourth from left). Archive photoFormer first lady of Latvia complained about the plight of© 2018 AFP / ILMARS ZNOTINS

Former first lady of Latvia, endocrinologist Dace Seisuma told of their distress after the divorce with ex-President Andris Berzins, reports Internet portal of the nra.llv.

According to the woman, now the amount it would ever be spent on the purchase of a garment worker earns in a few months.

«After the divorce I contain myself on the salary of a doctor (endocrinologist). In the hospital I’m supposed to be 4 hours, but in reality it comes out only once a week, other days are working overtime and is not paid a salary. All easy to calculate: the rate per hour of 4.36 euros, the day is slightly more than 12 euros after taxes, for 20 working days — a little more than 240 euros (about 17 thousand rubles — ed.). And if you fall a long weekend, even less so as they are considered as unpaid leave», — told Seisuma.

The former first lady admitted that while she has no other choice.

«Leaving the clinic, I feel mentally and physically drained, but at the moment, no,» she said.

Entrepreneur, millionaire Andris Berzins held a post of the President of Latvia from 2011 to 2015. After addition of powers of head of state divorced Dace by Seismos, relations with which have officially registered a few days before the inauguration of the President in 2011.