Russian business is interested in stable tax, says MP

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Russian business is interested in stable and low taxes, and access to cheap long-term loans, but not in the write-off of tax debts and duties, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on economic policy Vladimir Gutenev.

The President of the organization of small and medium entrepreneurship «OPORA Russia» Alexander Kalinin in an interview with RIA Novosti suggested the possibility of writing off business debts of taxes and duties. In December, the President signed a law that permits the cancellation of some debts of individual entrepreneurs. However, for legal entities of this decision, and «we have more than a trillion accumulated debt of legal entities», said the head of the business Association.

«I think that tax Amnesty is unlikely to be useful. They will shape consumer expectations for the next period. It turns out that if you paid taxes the previous period, and someone is not paid, then you’re a loser because someone will forgive them», — told RIA Novosti, commenting on the initiative, Gutenev.

«It may be better to impose a moratorium on raising taxes?»— he suggested. «It turns out, we form one category that pays them the payments increased, while other category forgive. And if you’ll forgive debts, for example, only small and medium businesses than big business worse? They, too, will come out with their proposals,» — said the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee.

He recalled that there is a bankruptcy mechanism. «And if you can’t do business, so need to finish it. But not at the expense of resources of the budget to deal with the Amnesty legal entities, especially by 1 trillion rubles. In my opinion, it is a monstrous sum,» — said Gutenev.

«I would prefer to help small and medium businesses to provide them with access to cheap and long money. I believe that it is necessary to reduce the refinancing rate. So instead of forgive this one trillion, I have provided the small business interest rate, cheap long-term money at 2.5-3%. It would be a much greater effect,» he concluded.