«Magic pipe floating in the sky.» In the US, took video of an unusual natural phenomenon

In the sky over the American state of Virginia there is a giant cloud several kilometers long, according to footage posted on the YouTube channel ViralHog.

It is reported that the unusual natural phenomenon occurred on 5 February on virgin Richmond.

«I was going to work and saw the pink glow that was moving from my kitchen, where she prepared coffee. I looked through the curtains and saw this magic trumpet soars in the sky and changes color right over our apartment complex. The sky fascinates me, but it was a rare sight,» according ViralHog the words of the author of the video.

A mysterious phenomenon is the gross cloud (or storm collar) because of the similarity with the long shaft. These clouds do rarely appear in the sky, so still not fully understood by scientists. As in the video, the storm collar can be quite a short distance from the earth at a height of from 100 to 2000 meters. Its length can reach thousands of kilometers.