Injured in Thailand Russian woman will be treated near Yekaterinburg

© RIA Novosti / Barbara Vertebrate the study. Archive photoInjured in Thailand Russian woman will be treated near Yekaterinburg© RIA Novosti / the barbarian Gertie

A resident of Chelyabinsk Marina Loginov, who was injured on holiday in Thailand last fall, was transported to the clinic from Chelyabinsk to Sverdlovsk oblast for further rehabilitation, said the sister of her husband, Elena Loginova.

At the end of October 2017 Marina Loginova got a complicated traumatic brain injury when falling from a bike whose brakes failed. She was at a private Bangkok hospital in Trat province, where she was taken immediately after the accident. According to relatives, she has undergone four operations. Later, on 26 November, a special plane brought her in Chelyabinsk.

«… we sent Marina to the clinic brain Institute in Ekaterinburg (the city of Berezovsky). There she will spend 14 days at the expense of FOMS to determine rehabilitation potential and rehabilitation. After 14 days will be provided with an individual program for further rehabilitation with the forecast,» wrote Helen on the page in social network Vkontakte, dedicated to the health of the Marina.

In addition, we plan to make a list of supplies needed for the further improvement of her condition, she said.

If necessary and appropriate, it can be left to continue in the clinic, but payment (about 20 thousand rubles a day), but it will be known not earlier than February 21, she added.

She explained that her doctor said that there is a chance, and these «higher chances than people who have had a stroke».