Doctors advised the relatives of the victims in the crash of An-148 to seek help

© Fotolia / rogerphotoВрачиDoctors advised the relatives of the victims in the crash of An-148 to seek help© Fotolia / rogerphoto

The relatives of the victims in the crash of aircraft An-148 in the suburbs need to be sure to seek specialized help, told RIA Novosti psychiatrist, psychotherapist ain Gromov.

According to the message of Federal air transport Agency, communication with the crew of the An-148 «Saratov airlines» flight 703 to Moscow-Orsk was gone a few minutes after take-off from Domodedovo. According to preliminary data of the Agency, on Board were 65 passengers and six crew members. MOE confirmed that the plane crashed in the Ramenskoye district of Moscow region near the village Stepanovskoe.

«(Families) need to try to do everything to minimize the consequences for the organism. The fact that it is no coincidence that there is such a medical diagnosis, as acute stress response. This is exactly what is happening with the people, the experience of acute grief… If this is the state now will result in somatic problems may occur heart attack, stroke, stress ulcer,» — said Gromov.

She noted that this is why you need to «turn off the emotions and solve the problem as a challenge» by connecting to it all, who is ready to take over at least some share of responsibility.

«It is not necessary to sit hours at the TV, where exaggerated everything that happened… as soon As the parting is the first thing people should do is to go to a psychiatrist for a consultation. After the psychiatrist, he needs to go to therapy. Most likely, many will need concomitant psychological and psychiatric assistance,» said the therapist.

According to Gromova, the specialist must work with the experience of grief and know the proper techniques.

The investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in connection with the incident initiated a criminal case under article «Violation of the rules of operation of air transport, entailed death of two or more persons.» Considers all possible versions of the incident. The specialists of emergency services, investigators and criminologists.

Putin expressed his condolences to the families of those killed in the crash and instructed the government to establish a special Commission in connection with the tragedy. The Commission was headed by Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov.

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