To find a balance: the Deputy opposed the regulation of prices on vodka

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Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on budget and taxes Alexander Remezkov considers it necessary to solve the problem of illegal alcohol, and not tie the price of vodka to the level of inflation or income levels.

Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin, in an interview to «Rossiyskaya Gazeta» reported that the government plans to increase the minimum retail price of vodka in 2018. While the Chairman of the government has noticed that a number of colleagues propose to link the minimum retail price of vodka to inflation or the standard of living of the population.

«The Russian government promises in 2018 to increase the minimum retail price for vodka. And hopefully, fulfill that promise. It is not a question as to which indicator to «bind» the price of vodka to inflation or to the level of income of the population, and that we must first solve the problem of illegal alcohol,» — said RIA Novosti Remezkov, commenting Khloponin.

The MP, referring to the Federal alcohol market regulatory service, recalled that in 2017, saw an increase in the clandestine manufacture of alcohol from rubbing alcohol. «And there is nothing surprising — according to experts, the production cost of one liter of alcohol is 40 rubles, from this liter you can get 2-3 bottles of illegal vodka, and the minimum price of vodka in retail 205 rubles. As you can see, the illegal production of vodka on an industrial scale to be a very profitable», — said Remezkov.

According to expert estimates, the volume of the illegal market today is about 25 million gallons, while officially produced in Russia annually about 75 million decaliters of vodka, he continued. «That is a third of the production that is supplied to our citizens, and infringing. And not always it is made of pure medical alcohol and lack of substitutes, from which the people perish» — said the Deputy Chairman of the budget Committee.

To find a balance

«Raising the retail price to deal with illegal products. On the contrary, the growth of prices of legal alcohol will cause another increase in the production of counterfeit vodka,» he said. As time has shown, USAIS does not solve the problem, we need additional mechanisms and incentives to combat illegal trafficking of alcohol, the MP believes.

«In particular, we need to adjust the allocation of excise taxes on vodka so that didn’t work, that the regions in which legally produced spirits, received revenue in the budget less than those regions in which there is only vodka. A balance must be found between producers and consumers, to protect our citizens from counterfeit spirits. And of course, to continue the promotion of healthy lifestyles, changing consumer preferences of Russians», — said Remezkov.