Trump has requested $24 billion to modernize the nuclear triad of the United States

© AP Photo / Evan VucciПрезидент USA Donald trump. Archive photoTrump has requested $24 billion to modernize the nuclear triad of the United States© AP Photo / Evan Vucci

The US President Donald trump has requested $ 24 billion for the modernization of the nuclear triad, according to the draft budget for the 2019 financial year submitted by the American administration on Monday.

The document States that you are requesting a «$ 24 billion for the Ministry of defence to upgrade and maintain the nuclear triad».

2019 fiscal year will begin in October 2018. We are talking about the administration’s proposal of trump, which will be considered by Congress. Projects budget traditionally undergo changes after their consideration by the Congress.

In early February the Pentagon released a nuclear doctrine of the United States, which paid great attention to the development of Russian nuclear forces. Among other potential threats, the Pentagon called North Korea, Iran and China.

The Pentagon announced that the U.S. effort will be focused on the development of nuclear warheads of low power. In addition, the doctrine States that the U.S. will continue to spend money on the modernization of nuclear forces and the development of elements of the «nuclear triad» (Intercontinental ballistic missiles, strategic submarines and bombers).