The court extended the arrest of former investigator on the case of bribe from the people Shakro

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase in fotomasterskaya the petition of a consequence about arrest of Zakhary Kalashov in the Tver courtThe court extended the arrest of former investigator on the case of bribe from the people Shakro© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase the image Bank

Lefortovo court of Moscow extended until may 26 the arrest of the former head of investigatory management SK of Russia in the Central district of Moscow Alexey Kramarenko on charges of receiving 200 thousand dollars of a bribe, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom.

«The petition of the investigator to meet, to extend the accused Kramarenko a measure of restraint in form of detention until may 26, 2018,» said the judge Albina Galimova.

A meeting to consider the request of the investigation, the FSB was closed for the audience and the media. This court requested that the investigator Evgeny Satchik. The Prosecutor and the defence Kramarenko this petition supported. Publicly was announced only the operative part of the decision.

In December last year the Lefortovsky court of Moscow in the framework of the case about the bribe from the people «thief in law» Shakro Young sanctioned the arrest Kramarenko until February 15.

In March 2017 Kramarenko, who resigned after the institution of proceedings on obtaining senior staff RF IC bribes from Shakro went to work in «Rosneft».

Press Secretary of «Rosneft» Mikhail Leontyev confirmed to RIA Novosti the fact of working Kramarenko in «Rosneft» and noted that the case on which he passes, nothing, «nor to the company’s activities, nor to activities of] the company» has not.

Lawyer Kramarenko, in turn, told RIA Novosti that at the time of her arrest, the client has already resigned from Rosneft. Now, Kramarenko for all procedural documents passes as a senior citizen, said the defense.

According to investigators, together with the head of management of own safety of investigative Committee Mikhail Maksimenko and former first Deputy head of Moscow GSSC by Denis Kramarenko Nikandrova received a bribe from the people of Zakhary Kalashov for leniency to another «crime boss» — Andrew Kochanova (Italian). According to the source RIA Novosti, the amount of bribes each of the defendants in the chain was 200 thousand dollars.