The Embassy of the Russian Federation condemned the objections of the United States against the purchase of the Croatian INA Moscow

© Photo : Embassy of Russia in USA in FacebookЗдание of the Russian Embassy in the United States. Archive photoThe Embassy of the Russian Federation condemned the objections of the United States against the purchase of the Croatian INA Moscow© Photo : Embassy of Russia in USA in Facebook

Statement by U.S. Ambassador to Croatia Robert Kohorst that Washington opposes the possible purchase of the oil company INA to Russia, is an example of dishonest competition and interference in the internal Affairs of the Croatian state, told RIA Novosti at the Russian Embassy in Zagreb.

«With surprise and regret read review distinguished Ambassador of the United States concerning possible cooperation of Russian companies with INA. The statement is yet another example of American politicians dishonest competition, interference in internal Affairs, violation of the principles of free market economy», — quotes the official representative of the statement of the Russian Ambassador Anwar Azimov.

«No matter to foreign States to teach a sovereign Croatia, as it to carry out its policy of putting priority to the national interests of its citizens. Not the United States, and the sovereign of Croatia to identify partners that would, in fact, not in words, ready to provide real assistance to the economic development of this country», — said the diplomat.

On the eve of the oil company INA declined to comment on the statement by US Ambassador to Croatia. The American Ambassador in Zagreb, said Croatia if INA solution should consider both financial and political criteria. According to him, the US would like as a buyer of the company to see someone who would support Croatia, and Russia has played a pernicious role in the region.

The head of «Rosneft» Igor Sechin in October 2017, he said that «Rosneft» is considering the possibility of entering into the capital of the Croatian INA. He noted that in this case, two refineries in the cities of Rijeka and Sisak will be upgraded.

At the moment, the Hungarian oil and gas group MOL owns 49.1% of INA stock, and also manages this company. Another 44.8% of shares belongs to the government of Croatia, and 6.1 percent of shares are in the possession of minority shareholders. Croatia in the last few years trying to regain control of INA, lost in 2008-2009. According to the authorities of Croatia, the transfer of the oil company under the control of the Hungarians became possible thanks to the bribes to former Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader.

INA — one of the largest companies in the Balkan region. It was founded in 1964. In addition to Croatia, INA carries out exploration and production in the middle East and Africa. As at the end of 2016 consisted of about 11 thousand employees. Net income for 2016 was about 13.5 million Euro compared with a loss of about 190 million euros in 2015.