Chuvashia expect in 2018, a 12 percent investment growth

© Fotolia / Creativa Maderos economyChuvashia expect in 2018, a 12 percent investment growth© Fotolia / Creativa Images

At least 12% investment growth in the economy expected in the Chuvash Republic in the current year — according to preliminary estimates this will amount to about 60 billion rubles that will be spent on the implementation of major projects in the field of electrical engineering, in the chemical industry and the agricultural industry, told RIA Novosti the head of the Chuvash Republic Mikhail Ignatiev.

«The investment we are now at a decent level. It is not our assessment is the assessment of the business community. In the queue of course, investors are not, but we are looking. Resources became more expensive and banks unilaterally raise rates: the business expects the project, and banks shift risks to borrowers. But, despite the difficulties, this year we expect investments worth at least 60 billion rubles,» — said Ignatieff, participating in the work taking place in Sochi, the Russian investment forum.

On his capture, the part of investments will go to highway construction. «Now we wait for the decision — either it will go from Moscow or Tatarstan. Plus begins the second phase of construction of the bridge on the river Sura. It is also a good investment — several billion rubles. In the first phase the project was implemented in parallel should be constructed the second bridge. We «Avtodor» work.

About electrical cluster grow well. Our producers today are worthy of competing with global companies.

Selected products of electrotechnical cluster are used for the construction of the Kerch bridge — we have just signed a new agreement with the Republic of Crimea», — said the head of the Republic.

The document, he explained, applies not only to electrical cluster, but also other areas. In particular, we are talking about confectionery and products of the chemical industry.

«It’s all our export products. Crimea is interested in them. Notice that the foreign trade turnover we have today is from 95 countries of the world. In particular, for export products of the agricultural industry. Last year turnover amounted to 450 million dollars. And the prospect is very good. This year we expect at least 10% growth,» said Ignatieff.

He also said that the agricultural sector of the Republic is now embarking on a major project. «We are starting construction of a greenhouse for 6 billion rubles is 22 acres of land, although the area we have risky climatic conditions not very favorable. The project will be implemented by Viktor Vekselberg (Renova), support from the Ministry of agriculture is received. A line of credit already issued. In October, the first phase of 11 hectares is being commissioned, then the second stage, resulting in the market of Russia will be 19 thousand tons of its vegetables. We’re talking about the fifth-generation greenhouses use solar modules manufactured in the Chuvash Republic. Efficiency will be significantly increased», — says the head of the Republic.

Ignatyev said that solar energy will be used in combination.

«In the winter time of Sunny days not so much. A new greenhouse will grow tomatoes, even those that are not like vegetables, and as fruit — similar to Japanese and sweet tomatoes. The taste quality of these tomatoes will be others. By the way, about Japan.

Regarding investment in the economy of the region and we look forward to Japanese businessmen. In particular, Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to Russia comes to us in March with entrepreneurs, and we will show them the enterprises of the Chuvash Republic, which they pre-assessed and want to visit to open their production in our land,» — said the head of the Republic.

On his capture, the Japanese businessmen are interested in in the first place, the electrical system, but the entrepreneurs of the Chuvash Republic is ready to offer them more.

«We offer them to fulfill themselves also in the manufacturing field, including agricultural products. Republic is one of the largest producers of potatoes, but we do not have deep processing to go with its products for export. Deep processing of grain, for example. By deep processing creates the same insulin. And such a project we have, but banks have not yet given a line of credit,» said Ignatieff.

Today in the Chuvash Republic has five overseas companies. They include world brand «Rocco».

«The Italians will soon complete the construction of the second plant. In the electrical cluster our entrepreneurs find partners to create new industries on the territory of the Republic. The preliminary agreement is already there. The risks entrepreneurs take, and we provide them with a good business climate», — summed up Mikhail Ignatiev.