Patriarch Kirill has asked for forgiveness for all

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Pathiterator in photobacteria of Moscow and all Russia Kirill holds in the assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin parting prayer for the Russian Olympic teamPatriarch Kirill has asked for forgiveness for all© RIA Novosti / Sergey Pathiterator the image Bank

The Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill on forgiveness Sunday made Vespers with the rite of forgiveness at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, and after the service asked for everyone’s forgiveness.

«Because I, as ruling Bishop of the city of Moscow and as the Patriarch, carrying out his Ministry, can wittingly or unwittingly, to offend someone, to hurt, tempt, temptation, I would like all of you to beg forgiveness. Bless and forgive me, fathers, brothers and sisters, me a sinner,» — said the Patriarch.

According to him, today all the «must do something that heals the conflicts that treats diseases of human relations». «And there is no other means to ask for forgiveness from those we have offended, and forgive those who wronged us,» — said the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church.

He added that anything the Lord does not meet such grace, such support, an answer to prayer as when we forgive others.


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  1. Timofei | 23.02.2018 at 16:58 |

    I’m sure the children and hospital patients and innocent civilians of Eastern Ghoutta will forgive him for his silence as Putin allows Assad indiscriminately to barrel-bomb them. But will Christ forgive Kirill at the Day of Judgement? “What you did unto the least of these my brethren…”

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