On the Yamal Peninsula from a burning house evacuated 15 people

© Photo : GU of EMERCOM of Russia IN Adapazar the two-storey building the city of Noyabrsk YANAO. February 19, 2018On the Yamal Peninsula from a burning house evacuated 15 people© Photo : GU MCHS RF PO YANAO

Rescuers in Noyabrsk (YNAD) liquidated a fire in a wooden apartment building, which was evacuated 15 persons, have informed in regional management of the Ministry.

According to the Ministry, the message about the fire in a wooden two-story building entered 18.46 local time (16.46 GMT).

«A fire in a building localized on an area of 500 square meters… From a burning house evacuated 15 people. According to preliminary data, no victims», — stated in the message of Department of the Ministry of emergency situations.

It is also noted that the threat to adjacent buildings not.

«The city administration of Noyabrsk has provided three buses for heating the occupants of the affected house, also, residents will be given living quarters in maneuverable Fund», — added in Department.

Major fires in wooden apartment buildings in Yamal happen regularly. So, at the beginning of last week a fire completely destroyed a wooden house in the city Tarko-sale, resulting in two people died. It lived 85 people, most of them were forced to settle with friends and relatives. In addition, at the end of January because of a fire lost their homes of 24 families from the Yamal village Pangody.

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— IA Sever-Press (@SeverPressYANAO) 19 Feb 2018