The head of VTSIOM questioned the representativeness of Internet surveys

© Fotolia / fantom_rdНоутбук. Archival photoThe head of VTSIOM questioned the representativeness of Internet surveys© Fotolia / fantom_rd

The General Director of the Russian center for public opinion studies (VTSIOM) Valery Fedorov questioned the representativeness of Internet surveys.

«There is still the phenomenon of the digital divide. Have in mind that the older generation knows what the web is already not afraid, sometimes uses it, but not as advanced and active as the younger generation. Let me remind you that the most active voters in Russia are citizens of pre-retirement and retirement age. It turns out that the most politically active part of the population to the Internet is less likely, therefore, based on this demographic gap Internet polls can’t be today, unfortunately, is representative, even if they are conducted according to all laws of social science», — said Fedorov journalists in Simferopol.

According to him, while neither in Russia nor in Western countries, there is no theory that would show how to make these surveys representative.

«Those who conducts Internet polls in Russia, they do not put yourself to the majority of the task to conduct a scientific survey. Alas. These guys are trying to use the term «survey» in order that the survey, in fact, is not, and certainly not a scientific survey,» — said Fedorov.