In MDT were not searches and arrests, announced at the theatre

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The arrest and searches at the Maly drama theatre in St. Petersburg was not carried out, reported the press service of the theater in connection with the news about the arrest of the defendants in the case about fraud with the money to design the new scenes.

Earlier it was reported that the regional Department of the FSB instituted criminal case of fraud, a number of defendants detained. According to investigators, the stolen more than 45 million rubles, inherent to the design of the new theatre.

«Because no other legal entity was not mentioned in the message, the media interpreted this information in such a way that embezzlement of budget funds were revealed in the theatre, arrested the officials and are searched. In relation to the information we consider necessary explanation», — is told in the message a press-services.

Informed by the government of the Russian Federation approved the Federal target program «Culture of Russia 2012-2018», which provided funding for the construction of a new scene of the Maly drama theatre. Customer construction contract is «North-Western Directorate for construction, reconstruction, restoration».

«Any contractual relationship for the design of the building of the new stage of the theatre neither with management nor with other persons involved in the implementation of this project, no. The funding for this project, the theatre was not made. Detentions, arrests and searches in the theatre were not conducted», — stated in the message.

Earlier, the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky said that the investigation at the Maly drama theatre began at the initiative of the Ministry of culture, theatre in this case is not involved, the responsibility lies entirely on the contractors.

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