In Tatarstan fired the Director of the school after the mass poisoning of children

© RIA Novosti / Pavel to Listenpreise in Photobacterium in school. Archival photoIn Tatarstan fired the Director of the school after the mass poisoning of children© RIA Novosti / Pavel to Listenpreise the image Bank

Prosecutors have completed the review of the school in Arsk district of Tatarstan, where he poisoned more than 40 children, the Director of the school fired the head of the Department of education of the district was reprimanded by officials in the school fined, according to the Prosecutor’s office of the Republic.

According to Ministry of health of Tatarstan, February 10-11, of the Arsk district in the Republican clinical infectious diseases hospital in Kazan was hospitalized 30 children and two adults with suspected acute intestinal infection, nine children were treated at the district hospital precinct. All children – pupils Osanbashi secondary school. The Prosecutor’s office of Tatarstan notes that in just medical assistance 46: 33 people were hospitalized in the Republican clinical infectious diseases hospital in Kazan, 13 in the district a local hospital. It was later established the causative agent is norovirus infection.

On the fact of poisoning of children criminal case under articles «infringement sanitary-epidemiological rules» and «rendering services not meeting safety requirements». Last week field investigators have detained the Director of «Proftreyd» which supplies food to school that involvement in the Commission of a crime is not recognized.

«The territorial division of the regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor against the headmaster, the caretaker, cooks and workers of nutrition unit protocols on an administrative offense… Arsky district court has appointed guilty punishment in the form of a fine to the chef and caretaker of the school in the amount of five thousand roubles, the worker of nutrition unit – one thousand rubles. The head of the Department of education arskiy district disciplined him reprimanded. Director Osanbashi school dismissed at own will», — said the Prosecutor. As previously reported, SUCK in the region, the Director of the school’s 40-year-old Aydar Safiullin was admitted to the violations in the organization of nutrition of children and expressed willingness to cooperate with the investigation.

The Supervisory authority notes that during verification activities in the school canteen revealed many violations of sanitary-epidemiological requirements. So, the sample menu had been agreed with the territorial Department of Rospotrebnadzor, there was no routing for the preparation of scrambled eggs, which children were fed on the day of poisoning, the area of preparation of cold appetizers were not equipped bactericidal irradiator, meat semi-finished product was subjected to a secondary freezing, the product has no labeling, sinks for staff in the toilet and in the production shop is not equipped with individual or disposable towels, the staff provided a special sanitary clothing.

We also found out that the chef is the school cafeteria in the appearance of her signs of gastrointestinal disorders not reported to the school administration. However, she started to work without a medical examination and the doctor’s conclusions about the recovery.

«In conversation with school staff it became clear that before the cook school cafeteria observed the symptoms of intestinal disorders. During her absence a woman was replaced by the cook of a kindergarten located in the school building. To work in the catering Department was also involved in the employee dining room, which also carried out the cleaning of premises of nutrition unit», — stated in the message of Prosecutor’s office.