Premiere week: «Black Panther» and a sequel to «what men talk About»

© Fotolia / Tyler OlsonЗрители in the cinema. Archival photoPremiere week: «Black Panther» and a sequel to «what men talk About»© Fotolia / Tyler Olson

A new film by Ridley Scott «All the money in the world» without a previously announced Kevin spacey, the sequel to sparkling comedies from «the Quartet And» «what men talk About», the leader of the American hire — Kinomax Marvel «Black Panther» will be premiered this week.

All the money in the world

Ridley Scott («Thelma and Louise», «Gladiator») was shot on motives of the book of John Pearson «Paul Getty. Painful millions,» based on real events that occurred in the U.S. in 1973. Have a fabulously wealthy industrialist Jean Paul Getty (Christopher Plummer) is kidnapped 16-year-old grandson (Charlie Plummer), the grandfather refuses to pay for his ransom.

Initially, the role of the legendary billionaire gave Kevin spacey («house of cards»), whose appearance changed beyond recognition with the help of the complex makeup. When there were complaints of sexual harassment by the actor, Scott decided to reshoot all the scenes with spacey and the role of Getty Sr. gave the Oscar-winning Christopher Plummer.

«By the time we realized these facts, before the release of the film had only six weeks to Continue shooting was not having dealt with already filmed material. But to ignore these circumstances, we too could not. Then Ridley decided to invite to the role of Christopher Plummer and reshoot all scenes involving the character. All the actors and crew have supported us in this endeavor, and we are immensely grateful for their understanding and patience throughout the filming,» said producer Dan Friedkin.

Starring Getty Jr., mark Wahlberg decided to transfer the fee for the retake of the ribbon, in the amount of 1.5 million dollars to the relief Fund for victims of sexual violence.

The premiere of the film in the US took place on 22 December, the box office of the film amounted to more than $ 20 million.

What men talk about

Russian Comedy film «what men talk About. Continuation» — the third film from the «Quartet» on road adventures of four friends. The first two parts successfully passed in the Russian hire in 2010 and 2011. This time Alex, Glory, Camille and Alex go to Peter. Moreover, three of the four don’t even know why they go there. But at some point it becomes clear that it doesn’t matter why. It is important that you go and talk, talk with its sparkling humor. In one day, the heroes defeat the Germans, to bury uncle Bob, worried for Mikhail Prokhorov and figure out how to behave with money, so they’re not offended. Prokhorov’s role was played by the billionaire, having, according to him, a fee of one ruble.

The film starred members of «the Quartet And» Leonid Baratz, Rostislav Khait, Kamil Larin and Alexander Demidov and Alexey Barabash, Olena Armin van Buuren, Tatyana Dogileva, Leonid Kanevsky and others.

Black Panther

A fantastic superhero comic from Marvel’s «Black Panther», was released worldwide on 15 February, for the first weekend, according to preliminary data, the film grossed at the U.S. box office of $ 192 million, the total fees in the world amounted to 387 million dollars. This is the fifth result of the debut weekend for the whole history in the United States and second among kynoselen Marvel movies after «the Avengers» ($207.4 m over the weekend).

The character first Black Panther appeared in 1966, the year in comics series Mаrvel «Fantastic four» as one of the superheroes. The new documentary film Black Patera debuted as a solo artist — the son of the deceased king of finding wakanda, a young warrior T»Challa (Chadwick Bosman) from kinokomiksa «the First avenger: the Confrontation» returns to his native Kingdom. It is a technologically advanced state, isolated from the rest of the world by impassable jungle. In the struggle with the enemy for the throne T»Challa teams up with CIA agent Everett K. Ross (Martin Freeman) and members of the organization «Dora Milage».

According to the starring Bozeman originally, to play the role of a man, which bears great responsibility for the fate of his people, and he was very interested. Role in the film as played by Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Daniel Kalua, Letitia Wright, Winston Duke, with the participation of Angela Bassett, Forrest Whitaker and Andy Serkis


Russian sci-Fi action film by Dmitry Tyurin «Frontier» with Paul Priluchny tells about a young cynical businessman Michael, played by Paul Priluchny, who meets his love, and this meeting entails a temporal and spatial anomaly. Of the modern the reality Michael gets into the thick of the bloody battles on Nevsky patch during the Second world war. To save the love forever and getting back to reality, he is forced to become a member of game over time.

Role in the film was played by Christine Brody, Stas Doinikov, Alexander Korshunov, Sergey Chirkov, Viktor Dobronravov, Igor Sklyar, Kirill kyaro, Ekaterina Vasilyeva, Nikita Tarasov, Elena Lyadova, and others.

The author and performer of the title song to the film «2 minutes of life» was a famous Russian musician and composer Leonid Agutin. The song is already filmed the clip, which was directed by Andy Morahan, who worked with such musicians as Paul McCartney, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, George Michael, groups, Aerosmith, Queen, AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses.

«Our generation grew up on the works of Andy Morahan. It is, as they say, it is absolutely a cult figure in the world music video. On the work with him could only dream of. But we plucked up courage and addressed him. To our delight, after Andy saw a movie, he agreed,» — said one of the producers of the picture, Rafael Minasbekyan.

Night games

Premiere week: «Black Panther» and a sequel to «what men talk About»© SAGAЕвропа loved Dovlatov: how did the film Director Alexei German on Berlinmale his debut film «Holiday» by John Francis Daley and John Goldstein again became co-Directors of the detective Comedy «Night games». The main roles in the film played by Rachel McAdams («the focus», «Doctor strange») and Jason Bateman («horrible bosses»).

The events in the film develop over one night. Annie and Max are fun that are participating along with several other couples in role-playing games of the detective character. Once charismatic brother max Brooks (Chandler) arrange for the evening at solving a «killer» quest with the «mummers» thugs and FBI agents. As soon as players try to solve the puzzle, they begin to realize that «quest», and Brooks are not as they seem. The players have no idea who are opposed. This night could be their last life.

On the website rottentomatoes rating, audience expectations of the film was 98%