«Roscosmos» created operator services remote sensing

© Fotolia / Andrey ArmyagovСпутник in Earth orbit. Archival photo«Roscosmos» created operator services remote sensing© Fotolia / Andrey Armyagov

«Roscosmos» has created the commercial operator of services on the basis of data of remote sensing (RS), is spoken in the message of the Corporation.

«The holding company «Russian space systems» (part of «Rosatom») announces the creation of a subsidiary of Terra Tech («Terra Tech»), which will offer a wide market of geoinformation services in the context of commercialization activities in the field of remote sensing», — said in a release.

The operator will create a «geo-information solutions based on the analysis of geospatial data, including remote sensing». The first of the range of services already tested in the pilot regions of Russia and demonstrated a high efficiency, indicate in the «Roskosmos».

The new commercial operator will focus on a broad market of consumers. The company will offer fundamentally new services based on machine learning, integration with related services and technologies (navigation, geolocation, Internet of things, Big Data).

Information and analytical geospatial services from Terra Tech will introduce on the market new types of services in the sector of spatial data analysis. Among them – daily monitoring of agricultural land, identify unused land for agricultural purposes, regular monitoring of forestry activities, and calculating the potential size of the property or land tax, including taxes on land and buildings owned by companies and individuals.

To reduce the load on the it infrastructure of the customer all of the computing processes will be provided on the basis of cloud service, which is scheduled to deploy on the capacity of secure data-center holding of the RCC.

One of the services Terra Tech is already used in a test mode in several regions of Russia to control the territory and automatic detection of errors of calculation of the tax. According to expert estimates, the volume of revenues of regional budgets due to incorrect registration of real estate ranging from 500 million to 3 billion rubles annually in the state «Roskosmos».

For 2018 it is planned to create and launch digital monitoring service changes construction projects, infrastructure and territories. The service is intended to estimate the volume of economic activity in Russia in the framework of the «Digital economy».