Taught in school. What they say at the boarding school near Chelyabinsk, where he raped children

© Fotolia / Photographee.eimagine near the children’s roomTaught in school. What they say at the boarding school near Chelyabinsk, where he raped children© Fotolia / Photographee.eu

In Lazurnenskogo boarding school in the Chelyabinsk region reportedly raped at least seven students with the statement in the local media acted as foster parents of the victims. The investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case. Director of the school Lyubov Ostanin after investigation dismissed. In the words of mothers of teenagers, a crime may be involved, and some of the staff of the boarding school. In the terrible history understood RIA Novosti.


Officially recognized as victims seven minors. In their suspected rape of a 51-year-old local resident. In addition, a criminal case under article «Negligence» — for inadequate execution of official duties by officials of bodies of social protection.

According to the Prosecutor of the region, when checking in the boarding school were revealed violations. In particular, the administration had not established adequate attendance hours of pupils, poorly controlled, statements to the police about the search of absconded children were served in a timely manner, not taken action to repair the damage to the fence area. The Supervisory authority has made a representation to the head of the municipal district.

Authorized under the RF President on the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova said that she would send in Chelyabinsk oblast representatives of his administration.
«The teacher watched as the raped children»

It all began with the publication in the local media, which immediately spread around the Internet. It said that pupils Lazurnenskogo boarding school for foster parents admitted that they were repeatedly raped by some teachers of the orphanage and the visitor, to communicate with the boys in the so-called guest mode.

The details told the boys stories are all horrified. According to the children, 51-year-old man, whom the inmates called Serge, evacuated orphans on a picnic, fried potatoes with them, were treated to chocolates, champagne and cigarettes, and then raped in the bushes.

Foster moms say: the school management participated in the organization of orgies is confirmed by the teenagers who saw «the sting» and his friend paid the teachers.

Initially the alarm sounded one family. I asked for explanations to the Director of the orphanage. However, she tried to write off all of the heated imagination of a teenager — say, children with such difficult life are apt to invent, and to invent all sorts of stories.

But after a while another adopted pupil of the school told the foster mom and dad the same story. Then a few parents co-ordinated and decided to act: stories of boys matched up to the smallest detail.

«Kids say that the teacher that led them to this Serge and his friend, just stood and watched them get raped», — quotes the words of one of the mom edition Chelyabinsk.ru.

Parents showed the boys pictures of all the teachers Lazurnenskogo boarding school. Some of these teenagers were pretty good, and others are also accused of violence: representations of children, at least four teachers participated in the abuse.

«The son once decided to tell me everything, walked up and said, «you Know, mom, I was so scared! They said drown me in the lake or close to the nuthouse for life», — told reporters the mother of another boy.

The lawyer of the Chelyabinsk region Andrey Lepekhin, representing one of the affected families, in conversation with RIA Novosti noted that after the publicity in the media for foster parents of children threatened by phone a anonymous demanded to immediately stop further communication with journalists.

The «Serge» is now in custody, the Director she fired.

The reaction of the teachers

For comments RIA Novosti appealed to the employees Lazurnenskogo boarding school. And this is what came of it.

To obtain any information on the phone could not call there released. Then we decided to reach out via social media.
On the site there is a complete list of teachers with all the necessary information — names, surnames and patronymic, profession and even the universities they graduated from. Almost every active social media accounts.

However, teaching staff are clearly not thrilled that they were interested public and journalists. To our request to comment the situation about violence in schools, teachers and psychologists of boarding school answered outright rudeness.

First the social network «Vkontakte» we have found the primary school teacher Alena Nikolaevna Gavrilenko. Name, surname, place of residence all match. She answered the journalist’s question smiley in the form of obscene gesture of the middle finger. We asked whether this was an official review, but there was no answer. (All screenshots are at the disposal of edition)

Account Gavrilenko while full of nice pictures with young children and subscriptions to thematic community for young mothers and primary school teachers — a model homemaker.

Teacher-psychologist Anna A. Shtyrhunov in boarding school correctional education and training of children with disabilities, read our questions in a social network «Vkontakte», but it is not vouchsafed us any answer. But immediately blocked the account addressed to her journalist.

On her page, too many pictures with children. However, after a couple of hours almost all the photos disappeared. The information on the page «Vkontakte» — the name, hometown, school and place of work coincide with those listed on the website Lazurnenskogo school.

But the teacher of technology Eugene A. Kursakova on the page posted an album with photos of pupils. The shots of the guys and their teacher was captured during one of the joint raids on the picnic boys and girls drink tea, eat sweets and take a walk together with the teachers.

Eugene Korsakov is the only one who answered us. «Everything that is written on the Internet is a delusion. We learn the truth after the investigation is finished» — he snapped. The question of whether he was himself a witness to the violence against the children in the orphanage, the teacher ignored.