The catch of seals on lake Baikal will give fur and jobs, reported the Ministry of agriculture

© RIA Novosti / Michael Bureauracy in fotobanka. Archival photoThe catch of seals on lake Baikal will give fur and jobs, reported the Ministry of agriculture© RIA Novosti / Michael Bureauracy the image Bank

Permission for shooting of seals on lake Baikal for industrial purposes will give the region new jobs and will also allow to extract valuable fur and raw materials for medical purposes, told RIA Novosti in the Ministry of agriculture of the Republic.

Previously, the newspaper «Izvestia» reported that in Buryatia for several months discussing the idea of returning the practice of industrial shooting of the Baikal seal. According to the newspaper, that the population of this animal exceeded «reasonable limits», said the Minister of natural resources of the Republic of Yuri SAF’yanov, and the Agency promised to scientifically justify the need for the abolition of the ban on hunting.

According to the authorities of the region, the total population of Baikal ringed seals in the last decade is steadily growing. From 2008 to 2017, it increased from 91 to 131 thousand head. According to experts, to solve the regulation of populations of ringed seals are required the resumption of commercial production of the seal in the amount of 4-5 thousand heads annually, without detriment to the population.

«In the event of cancellation of the ban of commercial catch of ringed seals will be new workplaces, in the conditions of the ban on commercial fishing of omul. The seal may be produced with the aim of extraction and processing of fat for medical purposes, as well as the valuable fur», — explained in the Ministry of agriculture, without specifying the number of jobs.

The Baikal Nerpa (seal) is a mammal that lives only in lake Baikal. Young ringed seals, the seals, are born from late February to mid-April. Newborn ringed seals become easy prey for poachers who kill them for their precious fur.