The psychologist assessed the range of trump to give guns to teachers

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The risk of mental illness among teachers is not lower than that of any other person, and therefore in their hands a weapon can be dangerous, said to RIA Novosti psychologist Natalia Moskovskiy, commenting on the proposal of the President of the United States Donald trump to allow teachers and school employees carry concealed weapons for protection from attacks by armed criminals.

Last week in the US, with new force has renewed debate about the limitations of the trafficking of weapons amid school shooting the city of Parkland in Florida, where a former student shot and killed 17 people.

According to experts, the risk of mental illness among teachers is not lower and sometimes higher than that of any other man, and therefore, in their hands a weapon can be dangerous.

«I have repeatedly observed deviation of behavior among teachers, especially those teachers who just came to work in the school, and as it turns out, they don’t maintain communication with so many active children, they go off, if the mind is not very healthy. This could end badly. There is also the concept of «burnout» when the noble goal of teachers leveled, and at the forefront of survival, acting out of their complexes, and the teacher can become unbalanced. Teacher profession is a profession of risk, a person works with children who don’t always behave perfectly. Each person can be sick with time,» said Moskovskiy.

According to the expert, it would be better to enhance the existing U.S. security system. «There is security, there is a framework through which you can skip to school, there are professionals – teachers, psychologists, who can work with those children who have a condition of the nervous system or psyche is not good enough,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

«Security could not be managed at the local level, it is necessary in the beginning to change the overall situation,» added Moskovskiy.

She believes that in the U.S. the carrying of weapons has become a necessary attribute of life is setting in society, and «there will always be people who will perceive it not as a protection tool and as a means to achieve their goals: pathological, socially undesirable».

The expert noted that there is a contingent that it is impossible to give up arms. «For example, unbalanced person, who would not want to kill, but the excitement was so great that he grabbed and shot», she explained.

According to Moskovskii, to change the attitude towards guns in society, may be required not one ten years.