The government has approved an agreement with Mongolia on transit railway transport

© RIA Novosti / Igor Eucandidate in fotosencibilization way. Archival photoThe government has approved an agreement with Mongolia on transit railway transport© RIA Novosti / Igor Eucandidate the image Bank

The Russian government approved the agreement between Russia and Mongolia on the conditions of transit of goods by rail, the corresponding order is published on the website of the Cabinet on Saturday.

«Signed by the Russian side approved the draft agreement between the government of the Russian Federation and the government of Mongolia on terms and conditions for transit of goods by rail «, — the document says.

The purpose of the agreement is creation of conditions for rail transport of international cargoes on territories of Russia and Mongolia to third countries.

As follows from the document, the agreement provides for a flexible tariff policy concerning transit of goods, the competitiveness of prices compared to alternative destinations in the long term, creating conditions to facilitate the procedures of state border crossing for goods carried by rail. The agreement also involves ensuring a balanced growth in traffic and development of infrastructure of railway transport, creation of conditions for unhindered access to the sea for exporters of Mongolia.

Added that the signing of the agreement will contribute to the simplification of the formalities related to railway transportation through the territories of Russia and Mongolia.