The puppet theatre Obraztsov will show the premiere of «Turandot»

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase in photobanks the scenes in the puppet Theater named after S. V. Obraztsov in Moscow. Archival photoThe puppet theatre Obraztsov will show the premiere of «Turandot»© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase the image Bank

Central Teatr Kukol im. Obraztsova presents the premiere of «Turandot», staged by the chief Director of the theatre Boris Konstantinov on the famous tale by Carlo Gozzi. The premiere will take place on February 24 at the Grand theatre, said the press service.

Turning to the tale of the great Venetian, Director Boris Konstantinov and artist Viktor Antonov has tried to combine China, where the action of the play, and the beautiful Venice home Gozzi.

In the play the action is really happening in China, where, incidentally, Gozzi never been there, but it is located on the water under the bridge, one of the Venetian canals.

«Carlo Gozzi offers a tale — tale for adults. In the theatre it is interpreted in different ways: in the drama often go into the slapstick, in response to the tragedy. Sometimes literal. And when it is taken of the doll, this is always the irony,» — said on the eve of the premiere of Constantine.

According to the Director, in «Turandot» the vicissitudes of the characters are often comical. Something and make fun masks del Arte — the characters of classic Italian comedies, leading a show.

«Battle, severed heads, torture and other passions — we are all a bit fake, all make-believe. And in this language we’re talking about life and death, about freedom and love,» added Konstantinov.

In performance it is involved more than 60 dolls made of bamboo, which are operated by 16 artists.

Ten fiabe as Gozzi called his tragicomic tales, he wrote on a bet, promising that they will bring him fame. And so it happened — his tales for adults and are today in theaters around the world.