European companies do not intend to abandon Russian gas

© Photo : Nord Stream 2 / Axel Smidstrup for gas pipeline Nord stream ‑ 2 concrete weight coating plant in Kotka, FinlandEuropean companies do not intend to abandon Russian gas© Photo : Nord Stream 2 / Axel Schmidt

In Europe, there are consumers who are ready to refuse from Russian gas in favor of more expensive liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the United States, stated in a collective letter to the heads of companies participating in the project «Northern stream-2».

An open letter to leaders of European companies OMV, Wintershall and Uniper published on the official website Uniper. In the letter, in particular, underlined that «Northern stream-2» poses no threat to European energy security.

As stated in the document, the gas pipeline project does not put Europe dependent on Russia. On the contrary, the Russian-European cooperation in this field guarantees Europe’s security of supply and competitive gas prices. We are talking about the affiliate scheme proven, emphasized in the letter. In addition, as noted by the head of European companies which Europe needs the gas volumes are increasing and Russia — the country with the largest gas reserves in the world.

«And we know consumers are ready to refuse from Russian gas in favor of more expensive liquefied gas from the USA», — quotes the treatment Sputnik Estonia.

According to the authors of the letter, «Nord stream-2» is a multi-billion dollar investment in modern, gas infrastructure Europe, which will provide a reliable supply of gas to European consumers. And criticism is such an important project, as noted in the document, based mostly solely on superficial and emotional insights.

Europe does not lose interest in the project. As stated at the end of last year, the Chairman of the Board «Gazprom» Alexey Miller, all European partners Shell, OMV, Engie, Uniper and Wintershall — had fully fulfilled its obligations for 2017 on financing the «Nord stream-2». According to him, preparation for the start of construction of the pipeline is «in strict accordance with the schedule.»