Returning from the ISS, the crew moved to the ship «Soyuz MS-06»

© NASAМеждународная space stationReturning from the ISS, the crew moved to the ship «Soyuz MS-06»© NASA

The crew mission to ISS-53/54 said goodbye to the remaining International space station astronauts went on the ship «Soyuz MS-06» and is preparing to return to Earth, told RIA Novosti the Moscow mission control Center (MCC).

«The crew moved to the spacecraft, the hatches are closed,» — said the representative of MCC.

You return to Earth Russian cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin and American astronaut mark Vande Hai Jo Aqaba. The crew will spend at station 168 days. At the station waiting for the next crew (ISS-55/56) remain Russian Anton shkaplerov, American Scott tingle and Japanese Norishige Kanae.

Undocking of the spacecraft is scheduled to 2.08 MSK on February 28 and landing at 146 kilometers Southeast of the Kazakh town of Zhezkazgan in 5.31.