Anastasiadis took office as President of Cyprus

© AFP 2018 / Frederick FlorinПрезидент of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiadis. Archival photoAnastasiadis took office as President of Cyprus© 2018 AFP / Frederick Florin

Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades took office as head of state for a second term.

Anastasiades won the presidential elections with the second round of elections on 4 February 55,99% of the vote, his opponent Stavros Malas from left-wing party AKEL — 44,01% of the vote.

The inauguration was held in the Parliament at a special session on the day of expiry of the previous five-year term of the President. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the diplomatic corps, government officials, politicians, businessmen, members of the public.

The live broadcast of the parliamentary led TV, Cyprus news Agency and state television RIK.

President of Parliament Dimitris Silluris appealed to MPs and to the newly elected President with a short speech and invited Anastasiadis to utter an oath in accordance with article 42 of the Constitution. Anastasiades has vowed to respect the Constitution and laws, to preserve the independence and territorial integrity of Cyprus. The text of the oath prescribed in the Constitution of Cyprus.

After that, Anastasiades addressed the Parliament, he expressed the desire to build a new Cyprus in order to end the Turkish occupation of Northern Cyprus, to exploit the deposits in the exclusive economic zone of Cyprus to resume negotiations on a Cyprus settlement and the final solution of the Cyprus problem, providing for the abolition of the safeguards system and the withdrawal of Turkish troops.

According to tradition, after the meeting of Parliament the head of state will go to the office of the President of the Parliament, where he will receive the congratulations of the deputies from taking office.

According to the Constitution of 1960, Cyprus President vested with Executive power. A five-year term of office begins with the inauguration in the house of representatives (Parliament). The President exercises Executive power through a Council of Ministers appointed by the head of state himself.

Members of the government will be sworn in on March 1 at a ceremony at the presidential Palace.

The day of the inauguration Anastasiadis near the Parliament held a protest environmentalists Cyprus from the public organization «Save the Akamas/Save Cyprus», demanding to ban construction close to the sea caves in Peyia and the Akamas forest reliktovaya in the North-West of the island. According to environmentalists, the construction destroys the natural beauty of coastal areas, destroys the natural and cultural heritage of Cypriots.