China expressed dissatisfaction with the US decision to impose import duties on aluminum foil

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The Ministry of Commerce of China expressed its dissatisfaction with the US decision to impose anti-dumping duties on aluminum foil from China, highlighting that it would take action to protect their interests.

As reported Tuesday by the Aluminum Association, States that the Department of Commerce made a conclusion that a certain kind of aluminum foil comes into the country at low prices. The statement said that «manufacturers of aluminum foil in China benefit from existing government subsidies». According to the decision, a number of Chinese companies will be subject to anti-dumping taxes, dumping by the difference from 48.64% to 106,09% anticoncezionali rates from 17.14% to 80,97%.

«The American side is still not considered with the principles of the world trade organization, have caused serious damage to the interests of Chinese exporters of aluminum foil. The Chinese side expresses strong dissatisfaction in this regard. The U.S. Department of Commerce during antidumping investigations remains, based on its domestic legislation continues to treat China as a «nonmarket economy», uses the «surrogate country» and imposes anti-dumping duties in the amount of 48,64-100,09%.», the statement of Commerce of the PRC.

Trade office of China believes that the us is unnecessarily overly resorts to protective measures in trade, which not only will help to «revive» the production of aluminum in the United States, but will negatively affect employment in the country and will cause serious damage to the interests of American consumers.

In the process of investigation, said in a statement, the U.S. side said that in the future will be to consider Chinese suppliers of raw materials and financial services «government agencies» and, without any evidence, introduced antisubstitution fee in the amount of from 17.16% to 80,97%. «In response to these erroneous actions of the United States, the Chinese side will take the necessary measures for the protection of his interests», — stressed in the Ministry of Commerce of China.

Another round of trade disputes between Washington and Beijing against the backdrop of the upcoming visit of a member of the political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, chief economic Advisor to the President of China, XI Jinping, Liu he in the United States. Earlier official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of China, Lu Kang said that Liu he, who, according to media reports, applies for the position of head of the Central Bank and Deputy Prime Minister for economic Affairs from February 27 to March 3 will be in the US to discuss cooperation between the two countries in trading-economic sphere.