Doctors told how to protect the unborn child from allergies

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Doctors advise pregnant women to eat more fish oil and probiotics in order to reduce the risk of Allergy in their unborn children, according to a paper published in the journal PLoS Medicine.

«Despite the fact that various forms of food allergies and eczema affect more children around the world, we still do not understand what causes them and how to prevent their development. Our study allowed us to find the first clue how to get rid of them, and now we need a more profound and large-scale experiments,» said Vanessa Garcia-Larsen (Vanessa Garcia-Larsen) from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (USA).

According to current statistics from the who and the world organization to combat allergies, about one third of the inhabitants of the planet suffers from various forms of allergies. About two thirds of them suffer from seasonal forms of the disease caused by pollen or other environmental irritants, and other people from asthma and other chronic diseases.

Many biologists today believe that the Allergy develops for the reason that man lives in a too clean environment, and our immune system is just not getting sufficient information in childhood in order to learn how to distinguish the real germs from dust, pollen and other harmless particles.

This idea, the so-called «hygiene hypothesis», finds today more and more supporters, and scientists propose to fight allergies, intentionally infecting children parasitic worms or letting them gnaw nails, to play in a dirty sandbox and suck the fingers. In the same way as biologists now believe, can develop Alzheimer’s disease and other autoimmune diseases of the brain.

Garcia-Larsen and her colleagues confirmed this idea and found that the development of allergies is affected by not only the diet and lifestyle of the child, but his mother during pregnancy, examining the insights and inputs of more than four hundred scientific works, devoted to the development of allergies in children.

In total, these studies involved more than 1.5 million mothers, their daughters and sons, which allowed scientists to understand how different risk factors influence the development of Allergy in a child before he left the womb.

For example, British and American doctors found that the use of «dangerous» foods such as nuts, milk or eggs, does not affect whether a child suffer from allergies in the first years of life or not. Similarly, the nature of the diet – «meat» or «vegetable», but also other its characteristics do not affect the likelihood of developing allergies or eczema.

On the other hand, some other components of the diet such as probiotics or fish oil is quite strongly influenced by this probability. On average, the children of women who regularly used fish oil and bacterial preparations during pregnancy or breast-feeding, suffer from allergies or chronic skin inflammation by 30% and 22% less than the rest of their peers.

Scientists believe that such a beneficial effect of these supplements is because fish oil reduces the activity of the immune system, and bacteria can help the immune system of the fetus to learn to distinguish between «us» and «them». Recommendations for their use, as I hope Garcia-Larsen and her colleagues will soon get in the official documents of health agencies of the United States, Britain and other countries of the world.