Experts have called the possible theses of Putin’s message to the Federal Assembly

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The target audience of the forthcoming message of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly is not only the political elite but also the ordinary citizen; the main thesis of the circulation will be the economic and social challenges, however, and international issues will also be in the focus of attention of the head of state, according to experts interviewed by RIA Novosti.

The President of Russia once a year refers to the Federal Assembly on the situation in the country and main directions of domestic and foreign policy. This software is a political and legal document that expresses the vision of strategic directions of development of the Russian Federation in the near future. The message includes political, economic, ideological position and specific proposals for legislative work of both chambers of Parliament. In 2018, this treatment is scheduled for March 1. The first treatment will be in the St. George hall of the Kremlin, and in the Arena.

Message to the voters

According to the expert of Institute gumanitarno-political researches Vladimir Slatinov, there is no doubt that the upcoming March 1, the message is not so much the President, as the message of the candidate. «Despite the fact that the message comes from the name of the current President, not the candidate, Putin can not forbid anyone to share the way of the future… of Course, Putin could not use his official position for electoral gain, but to share his vision of the development of the country, the solution of the key problems that Russia faces key reforms and goals which should be achieved by the system of government in the new political cycle, it nobody forbids,» said the analyst.

The expert believes that the current message is conceived as a «vibrant public gesture that is intended to liven up the election campaign». This, in his opinion, is linked with the change of place of delivering the message from the Kremlin it was moved to the arena.

«Changing the venue, in my opinion, has two objectives: to expand the audience – there will be not only political elite, but also, I think, public opinion leaders, leaders of non-profit sector; secondly, the new location will have a greater informational effect,» said Slatinov.

According to political scientist Alexander Konkova, the main innovation of the upcoming message is that not only the audience when the announcement will be expanded, but in General it will be addressed to each specific person.

«The fact that in this case the President will read out the message from the Kremlin, and on the other site to a wider audience, it is an indication that the message is not so much the elites as society as a whole and each particular person. This task has been set for format change of the address,» he said.

Professor at the Higher school of Economics, political scientist Oleg Matveychev also notes that in fact the message will be combined with the program of the candidate of Putin. «The message this year is unusual, and it will combine and the message for the year, and election program for several years. Therefore, it will be affected, of course, all aspects of life. This is not what is emphasized one thing,» he said.

Economy and not only

Political analysts say that the society has long been ripe the update request, the need for reforms and acceleration of growth, and many expect to hear these points in the President’s speech.

«I hope that there will be less international issues, more internal problems raised… There is an understanding that it is necessary to accelerate economic growth, because without it will be very difficult to carry out social programs, to maintain political stability. There is very serious pressure from society, because society wants the return of power to the real agenda,» said Slatinov.

The President of the national strategy Institute Mikhail Remizov said that it would be logical to hear about the innovations in the field of economic policy, new approaches to the tax system, expansion practices of project financing, the priority of infrastructure development. «That will be fixed, confirmed by social initiatives, particularly in the field of demographic policy. We are now able to operate those theses which have already thrown at the presidential level, at the government level, and which can be filed, Packed in the form of task orders,» he said.

According to Konkov, the company is waiting for the President’s decisions on economic issues and continue programs in the social sphere, therefore, it is likely that these themes will find expression in the message.

«The economy, private sector, regional policy, do not exclude issues related to a return to the idea of integration of regions and the redefinition of the relations between the Federal center and the subjects, i.e. the subject of the Russian federalism – all this will somehow be covered», — the expert believes.

He added that the focus in the domestic agenda will be on social sector, on how power in the short and even medium term sees the continuation of the demographic measures that have already been announced.

International issues

The experts believe that international issues, though not in large volume, will be addressed in the President’s message.

«Sure to be international policy, considering the complexity of which is. Sure to be declared the official position, course and our basic principles,» — says Matveychev.

According to Konkov, the President’s speech will be affected and the theme of the middle East, particularly the war in Syria, especially against the backdrop of the withdrawal of the main forces of the Arab Republic of; and, of course, relations with the United States.

«As we will have to develop relations with the United States as anti-Russian hysteria in the US will influence policy of the Russian Federation? Of course, you will hear the theme of the near abroad, Ukraine, Eurasian Union, relations with its neighbors. Will also be voiced Russia’s position on economic development in the Asia-Pacific region, in the whole policy in the East, relations with China,» added the analyst.