GRP Lipetsk region in 2017 increased by 2% and amounted to 500 billion roubles

© Fotolia / Creativa Maderos economyGRP Lipetsk region in 2017 increased by 2% and amounted to 500 billion roubles© Fotolia / Creativa Images

The gross regional product (GRP) in Lipetsk region in 2017 increased by 2% compared with the year 2016 and reached 500,3 billion rubles, the press service of the administration of Lipetsk region.

«GRP in 2017 amounted to 500,3 billion, up 2% compared to the same period in 2016. The index of industrial production amounted to 102,6 %, agricultural — 105,5 %, volume of investments — 103,1 %, of housing -100,5 %. By the end of 2017 the volume of shipped industrial products exceeded $ 661 billion growth by 2016 — 108,7 %, » — said the press service.

According to her the unemployment rate is two times lower than the national average of 0.5 %, there is no tension on the labour market.
The press service notes that the region actively develops agriculture. The volume of gross output of agriculture amounted to 109 billion rubles with a growth of 5.5 %. For the production of agricultural products per capita (95 thousand rubles) the region occupies the fourth place among regions of Russia. Meat production increased by 8%. Grain production exceeded 3.1 million tons, sugar beet — 5.3 million tons. In terms of production of greenhouse vegetables in Lipetsk region takes the fifth place among regions of Russia.

«In 2017 on the main macroeconomic indicators in the Lipetsk region dynamics above the national average. This is the contribution of each inhabitant of the region. State and thanks for made! Ahead — a lot of work. Man-a hard worker — in the spotlight,» wrote after summing up the head of the region Oleg Korolev, on his page on Twitter.