In the state Duma propose to punish nurses who newborns

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Vegascasinoonline in a nursing home. Archival photoIn the state Duma propose to punish nurses who newborns© RIA Novosti / Sergey Venyavsky

The Deputy head of the family Committee of the state Duma Elena Vtorygina (EP) announced that it began work on the draft law on criminal liability of nurses of maternity homes, inadvertently substituting children, because the legislation prescribes punishment for negligence is only for officials.

Earlier the lawyer Igor Savvin said RIA Novosti that the mother of two girls, born in Pojvinsky the local hospital of the Perm region, are preparing to sue after he found out that their children were switched at the maternity ward almost 40 years ago. As defendants will make the hospital itself, as well as regional and Federal Ministry of health, the Ministry of Finance, government of Perm Krai.

«The situation that occurred 40 years ago in the hospital of the Perm region, is crying. I fully share the indignation of mothers intending to sue. But, unfortunately, judicial decision, whatever it is, fundamentally nothing will change: 40 years not to return, and moral damage can become a consolation,» — said RIA Novosti Vtorygina.

The MP believes that it is necessary to protect pregnant women from such situations. According to Vtorygina, now the Russian legislation in this area is imperfect, as to criminal liability, as a rule, involve officials, not the nurses, who are often guilty of substitution of children.

«Currently, the Russian legislation in this area is not perfect, as provides for liability for negligence — and it is negligence — only for officials, that is, in this case, the head physician of the hospital. And the nurses in such situations are the true perpetrators get off easy fright as they are criminalized. It is this gap in legislation must be eliminated,» said Vtorygina and added that he is already working on the relevant bill.

Now the criminal code provides for punishment for child substitution made «from mercenary or other base motives» in the form of deprivation of liberty for a term up to five years with a fine up to 200 thousand rubles. In this case the replacement of the child in the hospital negligently guilty, «qualified officials» can be prosecuted on criminal charges of «negligence» or to disciplinary action.