Midpalate Roshal stood up for the neurosurgeon, convicted in Astrakhan

© Fotolia / s4svisualsВрачи during surgery. Archival photoMidpalate Roshal stood up for the neurosurgeon, convicted in Astrakhan© Fotolia / s4svisuals

The national medical chamber under the guidance of the renowned pediatric surgeon Leonid Roshal after the examination insists on the innocence of the convicted for the death of a child neurosurgeon in Astrakhan, said the information service of the chamber.

A month ago, the Leninsky district court of Astrakhan sentenced to 2 years and 11 months of restriction of freedom of the doctor-the neurosurgeon of regional children’s clinical hospital from-for imprudence of which he died six-year-old girl. He also has been deprived the right to engage in medical activities for the same period.

The court established that on 19 may 2016 doctor held the girl endoscopic brain surgery in the regional children’s clinical hospital named Slideway. Two days after the operation the child began to complain of pain, dizziness and nausea, become lethargic and lost his appetite. The girl’s condition deteriorated, he went into cardiac arrest, to save her failed.

«As confirmed by the findings of the independent expertise of quality of rendering of medical care, evidence taken by the court, was made on the basis of incompetent examination. Not been established a causal relationship between the actions of the doctor and the girl’s death. Despite the fact that the evaluation was accepted by the court for examination, the doctor was still convicted,» — said in the message.

In the National medical chamber convicted Astrakhan neurosurgeon called unique specialist, who daily saved many children, «was rescued 900 gram newborn children with cerebral hemorrhage».

As reported in the National medical chamber, in the near future, the appeal will be submitted to the verdict of the Astrakhan neurosurgeon.

«The national medical chamber intends to keep this matter under control and to protect Astrakhan doctors», — emphasized in the information service.