Patriarch Kirill told why theology is financed from the state budget

© Photo : courtesy of the press service of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Recipesearch Kirill at the opening of the bishops ‘ Council in Moscow. 29 November 2017Patriarch Kirill told why theology is financed from the state budget© Photo : courtesy of the press service of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia

The government supports theology on a par with other scientific disciplines, without compromising the principle of secularism of education, said the Patriarch at the session of the Supreme Church Council of Russian Orthodox Church.

«Why the state needs theology why do you need to Fund the training of theologians from the state budget – those matters that, as I said, from time to time arise. It is necessary that the people had no doubt that theology is legitimate today included in the system of scientific knowledge and taught in a number of higher educational institutions», — said the Patriarch.

In the years of Soviet power, he said, theology was still in the country, but she had to «mimic other types of knowledge.» However, in Western countries there was theological faculties, even as the head of the Russian Orthodox Church in the countries of the socialist camp in the GDR, for example.

«Theological education is not part of the training of priests only. Theology is necessary not only in theological schools but in secular universities, where specialists are engaged in this subject, as organizational Church not connected at all. The support of the state of theology in no way questioned the principle of secularism of education, but it is if you want a symbolic ending of the value system of education, which was not created by the academic community, and party ideology, and aggressive-atheistic», he said.

«The government supports a theology like any other field of scientific knowledge. Now the question is: why do we need theology? In science this question is no less absurd than the question of why we need psychology or philosophy. After all, there are some members of the scientific knowledge, who will say, philosophy and psychology, in fact, from their point of view, science is not. … Theology teaches you many things – including the breadth of vision, tolerance. It may seem a paradox, but theological education inevitably broadens the mind and teaches respect for other cultures», — said the Patriarch.

Theology was recognized as an academic discipline by the Higher attestation Commission in 2015, and in 2016 was created dissertation, and expert advice.

In June 2017 he defended Russia’s first dissertation on the new scientific specialty «theology». Its author, the Dean of the faculty of theology of St. Tikhon’s Orthodox humanitarian University (pstgu) Archpriest Paul Hondzinsky received the degree of doctor of philosophy for his thesis, dedicated to St. Philaret of Moscow.