Putin will summarize the work of the Ministry of interior

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The Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia will hold an expanded meeting of its Board with the participation of President Vladimir Putin, who will summarize the work of the Ministry in 2017 and will define objectives for 2018.

On Board in 2017, Putin drew attention that half of all crimes in Russia remain unsolved, said the merits of the Ministry of internal Affairs in the process of creating Regardie and expressed support for the initiative of the State Duma introducing criminal liability for incitement to suicide on the Internet.

The President said then also that unsolved crimes remain in such sensitive areas as the fight against corruption, protection of citizens, their property and businesses from criminal attacks. He paid great attention to public safety and urged strongly to stop any violations of immigration law.

The President also called on the Ministry of internal Affairs together with colleagues from other power structures as well tough to stop extremism in the country, work without compromise, introducing new effective methods of work.

The Minister of internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev, in turn, told the Board in 2017, in Russia by the end of 2016 was blocked over 3 thousand web resources, which were disseminated to extremist appeals and was recruited to radical organizations, «identified 200 cases of support of terrorist activities».

In addition, said the Minister, the police together with the FSB in 2016 prevented the penetration of extremists from Ukraine, as well as the carriage of explosives, arms and ammunition from this country to Russia.

The Minister in his report said that in 2016, decreased the number of homicides (7.5%), cases of intentional personal injury (10%), assaults (almost 20%) and robbery (approximately 16%), and deaths on the roads in 2013 fell by more than a quarter. The total damage from theft from the state budget for 2016 in the MIA was estimated at over 19 billion rubles.

In addition, the President declared the Board in 2017, the transformations of the interior Ministry in the process of creating Regardie were painless, and it is a great merit of the leadership and personnel of the Ministry. He also called for good cooperation of the Ministry of interior with Asgardia without increasing the power component: the second Asgardia, according to the President, is not necessary.

In addition, Putin said at the Board that the requirements for candidates for key positions in the Ministry of interior needs to be tougher. In his opinion, the detention of several senior security officials have become a serious blow to the public credibility of the internal Affairs bodies. The President urged to pay special attention to strengthening of office discipline of the personnel.