Returning «Soyuz MS-06» entered the Earth’s atmosphere

© Photo : page GK «Rosatom» Twitter/Alexander Misorganisation spaceship Soyuz with the crew. Archive photoReturning «Soyuz MS-06» entered the Earth’s atmosphere© Photo : page GK «Rosatom» Twitter/Alexander Misurkin

The spacecraft «Soyuz MS-06» with three returning from the ISS to Earth by the astronauts entered the dense layers of Earth’s atmosphere, told reporters in Moscow mission control Center.

The ship undocked from the International space station in 2.08. The propulsion system involved in the estimated time – 4.39 GMT. Soon the crew will experience an overload of about 4G.

In 05.17 command is given to the opening of the main parachute. It is expected that the landing capsule of «Soyuz MS-06» will land in the steppes of Kazakhstan at 146 kilometers Southeast of the city of Zhezkazgan at 05.31 GMT.

You return to Earth Russian cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin and American astronaut mark Vande Hai Jo Aqaba. The crew had the station for 168 days. On the ISS until the next crew (55/56) were Russian Anton shkaplerov, American Scott tingle and Japanese Norishige Kanae.