Russia is able to create a system that competes with Google and Alibaba, said Akimov

© Photo : Alibaba Group Holding LimitedШтаб-flat Alibaba Group in Hangzhou. Archive photoRussia is able to create a system that competes with Google and Alibaba, said Akimov© Photo : Alibaba Group Holding Limited

To create in Russia and even in the EAEU ecosystem that can compete with Google or Alibaba, it is possible, however, to bet on a certain company it would be a mistake, said the first Deputy chief of staff of RF government Maksim Akimov.

The Russian authorities to implement an ambitious program of development of the digital economy, which aims to change all spheres familiar to us of life – from education to payment systems. The program includes a number of cross-cutting areas, including regulation, human capital, technology, cybersecurity and infrastructure.

«Ecosystems, like Facebook, Alibaba or Google, appeared in the economy of another type. But Russia, if it manages to build data-centric economy, there is a chance to integrate into the process of digital transformation,» said Ivan in an interview with RIA Novosti.

However, he noted that «to bet on a certain company or assign such company administratively by the state it would be a mistake».

For growing companies on a global scale it is first necessary to create the basic prerequisites for the development of the digital economy, to capture the growth of new businesses to support this growth and make it sustainable.

First and foremost, it is about establishing and protecting digital identity. «This is something that will not steal your identity in a digital environment, which is formed by life-long digital footprints, for example, during a conversation, stay, use various services and so on,» — said Akimov.

In addition, you need to create a national data management system, and maintain advanced high-tech and high-quality system-level and data network, which are the «lifeblood» of the digital economy. You also need to build up a system of financial and non-financial incentives for the creation and development of business, including tax benefits for companies in the digital economy, said the Agency interlocutor.

«It is important to create such conditions, to desire and big «sharks» of the business, and first-year students to develop and implement advanced digital technology did not fade. If you’re able to form these basic terms of digital transformation, then we will have the chance to create not only in Russia but also in the framework of the EAEU, the company is a global leaders who will be able to compete with such players as Google and others. I think the potential is very large,» — said Akimov.

«I think in three or four years, we are unlikely to see conventional banking services or trading platform… It will be the digital platform to ensure that all spheres of human activity, the boundaries between different types of services will be diluted, will be the main man and his needs. From my point of view, just the digital ecosystem will allow Russia to make serious progress in a number of industries, from logistics and healthcare to education,» he added.

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