SK found that the customer of murder of the representative of the jewelry company in Irkutsk

© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye in fotoreceptori of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. Archival photoSK found that the customer of murder of the representative of the jewelry company in Irkutsk© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye the image Bank

The investigators found that the customer and executors of murder of a sales representative of a jewelry company in the Irkutsk region — they stole the woman’s jewelry in 14 million roubles, informs on Wednesday Investigatory Committee of the Russian Federation.

The murder occurred on February 18. In the morning, 41-year-old woman arrived in Irkutsk, Rostov, and then long coming out with relatives to communicate. The statement about the disappearance, wrote to her sister.

After a couple of days on the ice of the Angara river in the vicinity of the station battery Leninsky district of Irkutsk was found the body of missing woman with gunshot wounds to the chest and abdomen.

«During the preliminary investigation established that two men, one of whom is a taxi driver, entered into a criminal conspiracy to murder-for-hire trade representative of the jewelry company, on the basis of personal selfish interest. On 18 February, the partners have implemented their criminal plan. Arrived in the day of the flight Rostov-Irkutsk woman got into a taxi, where she was waiting for the attackers», — told the Agency.

Investigators believed on the way to Angarsk man fired several shots at the woman. Then the car pulled off the main road, where criminals escaped from the victim, leaving her bag on the ice of the Angara a few meters from the shore, according to the investigation. According to the Department, they took jewelry that the woman brought from Taganrog.

«During well-planned investigative actions established the third defendant in a criminal case — the customer of this crime. It was them 35-the summer inhabitant of Taganrog, a former courier, one of the jewelry companies. The man told the resident of the Irkutsk region, which was previously familiar with, to commit murder to steal expensive jewels», — noted in SK.

He was arrested in his apartment and transferred for investigation in Irkutsk, said the Agency.

«Currently, all three members of the conspiracy arrested. Power support during the arrest of a resident of the Irkutsk district had fighters of SOBR Regardie. Men charged with committing a crime… «murder from mercenary promptings or on hiring, a group of persons on preliminary arrangement», — stated in the release.

Investigators found stolen jewelry worth about 14 million rubles, and the suspected murder weapon — a pistol of a TT with the muffler, altered under shooting by cartridges of larger diameter.